I am an Atlanta based creative mastermind who graduated from The Art Institute of Atlanta with a Bachelor's degree in Music Production with a side focus in Broadcast Audio and Sound Design. It started with my passion for music then quickly spread to producing records, video editing, and everything in between.  Along with my degree, I am currently certified in Logic Pro as well as Final Cut Pro. I really enjoy collaborations and working with outside sources to bring new flare and innovative ideas to multi-media creations.  From pre to post diligence is the hallmark of my productions.  As a natural leader I enjoy bringing incredible talent together to make the possibilities seemingly limitless.
    Outside of the studio I enjoy traveling, getting outdoors with my two dogs, spending time with friends and family, and anything that involves pizza.  I am an avid cyclist and snowboarder with an adrenaline up-session, so when I am not behind a computer screen you can normally find me chasing the next rush.